Aim straight for the sauce, with these beauties from Sauce Shop.

Ketchup, Mayo, Salad, BBQ... you can't mess with a sauce.  We all have our favourites, and despite there being all kinds of new contenders to the market, sometimes you just can't mess with them.

Or so we thought. Then we tried a whole range of new sauces from 'Sauce Shop', an uber-cool start-up from Nottingham which is about to re-write the rules.

Firstly, these guys do sauces which are both sweet and savoury. Shove that up your bottle, HP!  Yep, sweet sauces. By that we mean a Peanut Butter Sauce and a Salted Caramel sauce. Both are sweet, and both are indeed sweeeet.   We found a cool way to eat them, by dipping popcorn in them and my god we loved it.  Thick, gooey sauce, dripping off as we licked it with immense pleasure.  OK, we'll stop there before we get carried away, but you get the gist.  They're basically amazing.

And for the savoury sauces? Well these guys do ketchup, lime and coriander, "really hot sauce", Buffalo hot sauce, smokey chipotle ketchup... and more besides.  Our favourite is something called "Nottinghamshire Sauce" which is an amazing mushroomy ketchup.  Man, we love the sauce!

We're not going to sit here and tell you exactly how each one of these sauces taste like, instead, we're going to advise that you get right on to, buy some, and find out for yourselves.  Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to the bedroom with that salted caramel sauce. Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmm.  

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