Restaurant Review: Byron Proper Hamburgers.

We were all geared up to write a fancy and dare-we-say-it an almost intelligent review of Byron, dropping in Lord Bryon's name etc etc.  However, when we got back to the office after our meal, we were so flippin’ stuffed, we could barely breathe let alone think!

So instead, we’ll just concentrate on the quality of the food and how much we liked the place. First things first, we were greeted by the lovely Vanessa and handed over to a super-professional young waiter called Dominic.    He did a great job of explaining to us what the hell a Freddar Dawg is and it was uphill from there. Get this, it’s a burger, but in a hot-dog form.  Got it?

In real times, that means you get a long hot dog bun (a huge one, not the ones your mum used to give you), split in two, each with half a burger in it (but that’s two basically HUGE burgers).  It’s a a 6oz hamburger split in two in a hot dog roll. Still with us?  Along with streaky bacon, pickles and onion, it stars one very special ingredient you won't find anywhere else - Freddar cheese, our head chef Fred's take on American cheese. Freddar has all the melting goodness of classic American cheese, but with a serious flavour punch thanks to Fred's unique blend of Grana Padano, mature Cheddar and Red Leicester. 


They’re not our words, but the words we’ve copy and pasted direct from the website to save us trying to explain it.  

So is it any good? Hell yes. It was spot on! Especially when washed down with a nice cold Thatchers Old Rascal Cider. Aaaaah.  We enjoyed it with a side of Nacho’s and chunky chips which were equally huge and equally very good.  Our only criticism is that the dawg is meant to be all about the cheese and the cheese was a little lost amongst the other flavours, but as we say, it hit the spot and we weren't disappointed. 

We should say at this point that our group consisted of two dudes and a lady. And the lady wasn’t having any of the mahoosive burgers on offer, so instead, she opted for a healthy looking chicken burger in a modest bun. No sides, no frills, no cider. She bloody loved it.  (Women?! We’ll never understand them!).  We can’t say too much else about what she ate, other than she said she enjoyed it and she washed it down with quite possibly the best strawberry milkshake ever.


The other dude in the pack was me. And I had the mighty B-Rex.  A B-Rex is as big as it sounds, and comes with onion rings (with a very nice peppery taste), pickles, jalepenos, BBQ sauce, streaky bacon, American cheese and majo.  With a HUGE side of fries, obviously.

 The meat was cooked perfectly, and the whole thing tasted so good, I want another one pretty soon.  It was exactly what you want in a good burger and felt like fantastic value for money.

Then came the desserts. Oh, the desserts.  Madam was being good so she didn’t have anything but us guys weren’t wasting the opportunity to sample Byron’s finest and so that we did. I had a gigantic ice cream with chocolate honeycomb and caramel sauce (I actually couldn’t breathe by this point so I had to undo a button and just do my best) and the other guy in the group went for a white chocolate cheesecake with honey-poached blueberries.  We need to just take a second to compose ourselves whilst we recall just how amazing this actually was. Oh my god.  Seriously, get this dessert on your bucket list because every man, child and woman needs to taste it. I want to taste it again and I want it now.

The setting of Byron is modern, industrial, cool and contemporary. The staff were brilliant, the service faultless and the food… well, let’s just say we can’t wait to go back.

Oh, and even the toilets rocked with their lovely industrial style basins.


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FOOD: 4/5



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