Yo! Sushi impress with huge menu and fantastic dishes.

Yo! Sushi opened way back in 1977 with a restaurant in Soho, London. 38 years on, it’s the UK’s most popular Sushichain, with its infamous coloured bowls (infamous or not we’ll explain those to you) and a ruddy big menu.


So, how does it work? Well said ruddy big menu is all colour coded by price, and it’s up to you how many bowls you choose to collect off of the conveyor belt which will run alongside you. (Or, if you want something fresh and hot – and who doesn’t – you can press a button and a member of staff will come and sort you out).

There are too many dishes to mention but on our trip, we had a good go at eating as big a range as we could, and that included Chicken Teriyaki, firecracker rice, a kimchee salmon steamed bun, hakkaldo scallop katsu, chicken gyoza…. Yes ok, we ate a lot!

The thing about Yo! Is that you can’t fault the food. Considering how many dishes are cooked, there was nothing to complain about. Every single thing we ate tasted great and there’s a lot to be said for the fun social element of trying one another’s dishes and genuinely just troughing on the goodness.


We also need to mention the fries. Yeah you read that right, Yo! Sushi now do fries. I was slightly cynical about this initially but let’s just say we ordered extra because they were THAT good.  We’re talking about the limited edition (sod that, get them on the menu permanently guys!) Furi Furi Fries which come with the best seasoning you’ll have ever had the pleasure of tasting.   Too good.


We’ll also mention the beautiful Japanese beers which helped us wash it all down.


As we said, there’s nothing to fault here – it’s social, it’s fun, it’s quick and you’ll leave feeling satisfied.  We’ll end by telling you about a brilliant offer Yo! Sushi are running until to Friday 25th September.  YO! Sushi is offering savings of up to 30%, with the Mates Plates deal even including YO!'s limited edition YOLO dish Furi Furi Fries and sumo size bowls.

For super sushi-lovers, if you eat 50 plates between just two people you get a whopping 50% off your food bill!

For more details on the above, to find your local restaurant and to check out the menu, visit http://www.yosushi.com.

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