Time to start grooming below the belt, guys.

It's just about acceptable now to have a bathroom cabinet full of moisturisers, post-shave balms and eye creams. More and more of us guys are starting to look after our faces, and more and more of us are going to the gym, as the male species becomes more body conscious than ever. 

One thing we're not so good at, is giving attention to ourselves below the belt.  Well, we are, but we don't mean in THAT way. We're talking hygiene here.  Imagine how your crown jewels must be like at the end of a hard day of work, traveling, sports etc?  And then you crawl in to bed and expect your better half to give them some attention right?

Below the Belt grooming offer a range of products which will revolutionise your bodycare routine. Their 'Fresh and Dry Balls' moisturiser does exactly what it says on the tin (tube).  It'll leave 'em feeling fresh, clean and dare we say tingly. In our case, VERY tingly, as we didn't read the instructions and got carried away applying it.  An hour or so later the tingling had calmed down, but to be fair, we kinda liked it anyhow! 

Their Waterless Shower product is equally as good.  We tried this out during a recent festival trip and again, it kept us feeling fresh and clean. Again, there's a bit of a warming tingle going on when you use this, but it really will leave you feeling good.

Also in the range is a Sports Lubricant which is fantastic for avoiding any horrible chafing.  

Once you start using these products they'll become part of your daily routine, and we specifically can't rate them highly enough if you do go to the gym or play sport.  Just make sure you read the packaging first, before you go smothering your bits in it! 

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