3 essential cycling accessories that work great and look even better.

More and more of us are ditching our cars or public transport in favour of a bike and as cycling becomes a bigger part of our lives, both for commuting and recreation, it's worth giving it the attention it deserves and that means giving consideration to making it safe, whilst also looking good.

the version have 3 must have accessories to recommend, starting with a Proviz reflective jacket.  Don't click away, we're not talking about a luminous green tabard here, we're talking about a jacket that you wouldn't mind being seen in!   

The REFLECT360 cycling jacket is the world's first to be designed using a 100% reflective outer-shell. The jacket's high quality material is designed to look and feel great while keeping the weather out. The reflective capability of the material helps other road users to identify a cyclist’s position on the road at night giving them extra time to react and manoeuvre appropriately.


The REFLECT360 jacket incorporates multiple vents - front, shoulder/back and under arm. This allows the user to regulate body temperature. By opening the front zipper vents a 'through-flow' is achieved. The air enters the front vents, cools the body and exits via the shoulder/back vents. During the winter, the vents can be closed and are designed to also be used as extra pockets if required. These features enable the jacket to be used all year round.  The jacket also has an inside chest pocket and large lower back pocket to store an extra layers or a map.  

Retailing at £79.99 we give this jacket 5 out of 5.  Buy here

Next, after the horrific thought of a green luminous tabard, we all hate the idea of the humble cycling helmet, right? No one looks good in a helmet, now do they?   Now bear with us here, because we've actually found one that won't make you look like a dick.  Seriously.  The Closca Fuga helmet is the ultimate, "urban" helmet which combines innovation with style and actually folds down into something easy to carry or to store in a back pack. Furthermore, the price of this thing is unbelievable, retailing at only £30. And yes, it passes all the health and safety tests.  You can thank is later but this really is the ultimate cycling accessory. Get yours here

Next, we're about to convince you that we've found a light AND horn that don't look shit.  Stick with it, because the Orp is going to become your new best friend, and it comes from the brain of a former industrial designer with Nike.  Orp is a combination dual tone, high-decibel bike horn and front beacon light designed to make you more visible and "hearable".

With patented SmartHorn™ Technology, you can alert cars, pedestrians, hikers, mountain bikers and other cyclists to your presence with a simple push on the light's "wail" tail. A 76 decibels "friendly" sound and a 96 decibels "loud" give you a certain loudness flexibility when alerting those around you.

2 lights at 87 lumens each light the way. A slow strobe, fast strobe, and steady mode allow you to choose the appropriate lighting for your situation.   £44 gets you this little fella which gives a powerful light and a VERY effective horn and furthermore, it looks good too.  Buy from Amazon, here

Keep an eye on the version for more for you cyclists very soon, including a fantastic competition.

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