Why VQ's Hepburn MKII DAB Radio and Bluetooth Speaker is completely sound.

I couldn't remember the last time I had listened to the radio.  Between Spotify, YouTube, and other online music streaming services like Soundcloud and Hype Machine I hadn't really needed to.  But I was growing restless with the music I was playing; it was either albums and artists I'd heard time and again or it was completely new stuff that was really hit and miss.  


I'm not the only one who has shied away from the radio in recent years. The number of hours spent listening to radio is falling as people find other content vying for their attention. But radio isn't taking this without a fight. In fact it is going through quite a renaissance with Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) continuing to grow in numbers. DAB has improved the variation and quality of radio stations and makes it easy to change channels.  Plus it's where you can find the brilliant BBC radio 6 almost single-handedly converting the masses over to digital.


After realising that I needed radio back in my life I had to find a DAB enabled radio.  The Hepburn MKII was ideally suited for tuning back in. For a start, it looks the part with classic retro styling that's available in 11 colours. Then there is the sound! The Hepburn MKII radio is a compact and lightweight powerhouse that delivers crisp audio using NXT flat panel technology that comes with additional digital sound processing (DSP). It features both FM and DAB, so it can still pick up radio stations that haven't switched over to digital, as well as all the ones that have and are waiting to be discovered.


And for those times when every radio station is playing adverts?  The Hepburn MKII has Bluetooth built-in so it can connect to enabled devices and stream content. This is great because you don't have to give up on music streaming services either - you can make them louder!


As well as having a bucketful of other features such as preset and custom equalisers, and alarms and timers, the Hepburn MKII also has a battery compartment making it the perfect portable system. The battery is purchased separately and offers up to 25 hours of playback. 

Key Features

  • DAB / DAB+ / FM radio reception
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3.5mm Aux-in & Headphone Jack
  • USB Port for charging devices
  • 10 DAB/DAB+ & FM radio presets
  • Dual 10W stereo speakers
  • High-fidelity stereo speaker drivers with an
  • 80Hz to 20KHz frequency range
  • Innovative Digital Sound Processing Technology
  • VQ LifeStyle Alarm - dual alarms, snooze and countdown timer
  • Multi-language settings
  • Mains (UK/EU plug) or battery powered (Rechargable battery
  • Up to 76hrs battery life (standby)


Our verdict: Featuring DAB and Bluetooth means the Hepburn MKII can offer the best of both worlds as an awesome radio or speaker system.


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