Claudio Lugli's shirts are a cut above the rest.

2016 is all about bold, bright colours and patterns.  It's OK to have fun with your wardrobe and show the world you've got both personality and style, and one brand that encapsulates that perfectly is Claudio Lugli.

Claudio Lugli’s Italian heritage, the use of the finest quality fabrics, and their unique and refreshing take on styling has created a modern interpretation of classic tailoring.  What sets this brand apart is its striking designs, many of which are created from customer feedback collected from VIP events and industry shows and the team are able to turn around fresh designs in no time ensuring they're always on trend, if they're not setting it.

Take a look at these highlights, below:

Amir  Khan and Alan Carr are both fans of Claudio Lugli's collections, which also include waistcoats, jackets, jumpers and shoes.  The shirts range in price from £30 to £100 and every one of them delivers a brilliant fit and a unique design which will make you look and feel great. 

We'll have more on this brand soon, but until then, check out

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