Look streets ahead of your mates this season, with Vico Footwear.

VICO is a European footwear brand founded in 2012, created with passion between Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Montebelluna (Italy) and Porto (Portugal). All of their shoes are handmade in Portugal, crafted from European quality leathers, and Vico offer free shipping throughout Europe.

VICO is inspired by travelling and neighbourhoods from around the globe and driven by what is ahead. VICO's name is derived from 'vicus'. Latin for 'in the street' or 'in the neighbourhood'. Every neighbourhood has its own story and they draw on this everyday life for inspiration.


VICO is a shoe brand for both men and women, drawing inspiration from the Zurich environment VICO takes you to the Zurich Lake and the historic centre of the city.

 The collection pays tribute to one of the most inviting areas in Zurich. The host of ambitious local new businesses, lack of chain stores, and lots of architectural.

Inspired by the raw beauty Zurich has to offer, color combinations like black, grey, pineneedle and burgundy are reflected in the collection. The last styles and sizes are now on SALE, shop at www.vico-movement.com and find out more via their twitter, @VICOmovement.  They'd love to hear your thoughts on your favourites!

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