Watch your back Hollywood, we've been to The School of Artisan Food and we've nailed Palmier's!

Based in rural Nottinghamshire, The School of Artisan Food is a fantastic facility, with expert Chefs on hand to teach novice cooks how to produce goods which wouldn't look out of place in a Michelin star restaurant.  With more and more news stories about god-knows-what being in the produce we buy from Supermarkets these days, more and more of us are rolling up our sleeves and getting back in the kitchen, so it's time for The Version to jump on the band-waggon and do just that.

Whether you think you’re the next Paul Hollywood or you’re starting from scratch, each course takes you through the process of making and baking goods, step by step, so you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Emmanuel got his name for being a Pastry God.

Emmanuel got his name for being a Pastry God.

The Version attended the school’s Introduction to Patisserie course, to find out just how easy or hard it is to make the kind of beautiful looking pastries you and I consume each morning from those places where they write your name on the cups. We’re talking croissants, cinnamon Palmier's, apple and Custard Danish pastries.  By the end of the day, we’re confident we’ll be jacking in this journalism malarkey to start our own café! Versionbucks, Costa Version, Cafe Version.... ok we'll keep working on a name.

The day starts with tea and coffee on arrival and a breakfast of freshly baked bread with jams produced on site.  It’s so good, we’re already wondering how on earth we’re going to produce anything this good in the kitchen.  Luckily, award winning Chef Emmanuel Hadjiandreou is on hand, with his trusty sidekick David, to show us the ropes. In the UK Emmanuel has worked for Flour Power, Gordon Ramsay, Daylesford Organic and Judges Bakery so we trust he knows what he’s doing and thankfully he only picked up the skills, not the potty-mouth from Ramsay.

The kitchen environment is more exciting than we thought it would be.  Every person has their own work station with all the equipment needed for the task at hand, including an Artisan School of Food aprons.  BOOM! In our heads, we’re on Masterchef, and we’re about to be put to the test with some Danish pastries.  With no idea how to actually do that, we relied on David expertly showing us how to make puff pastry. There were no cutting corners here, we made each item from start to finish. Eat that Mary Berry!

Yes, they're meant to look that well done, thank you.

Yes, they're meant to look that well done, thank you.

Throughout the day, we made Croissants, chocolate and cherry pastries, apple and custard tarts, palmiers…. Watch your backs, Greggs, we’re on to you!  There was no standing around, we were shown different methods at the demonstration table and then we got to work ourselves.

By lunchtime, we were exhausted! Good job the lunch they put on here is the business, and that’s the great thing about The Artisan School of Food, everything is done so brilliantly and perfectly, it’s fantastic value for money and a great day out on top of everything else.

Admit it, you're impressed aren't ya?

Admit it, you're impressed aren't ya?

We totally loved this class. The teaching was first class, and we got to take away all the recipes and a whole load of knowledge, plus a massive box of the goods we’d made, meaning we got to go home, put our feet up and stuff our faces feeling smugger than Gregg Wallace.

Since the day, we’ve been banging out our own produce at home, and now we can’t wait to go back to the school and try something else.

Whether you attend on your own, in a couple, or with friends or family, The School of Artisan Food is a top notch place and a brilliant experience all round. See for more details including how to book your place.

Mel and Sue have a tent. We have this beautiful place! 

Mel and Sue have a tent. We have this beautiful place! 

About our Course

Artisan School of Food – Introduction into patisserie.

£175 per person

All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the School.

Discover the art of creating artisan patisserie, and you’ll be wishing it was breakfast time every hour of the day.

From croissants to Danish pastries, there is a magic surrounding pastry. With the help of our expert baker Emmanuel Hadjiandreou, learn the essential skills of a patissier and craft a selection of delights.

This course includes light refreshments and an informal lunch.

This is a hands-on course that will provide the confidence to easily create a range of pastries at home.

The Version