Put a spring in your step with Springuru shoes.

Backed by hundreds of supporters on Kickstarter, the Springuru shoe is designed to do one thing. Put a spring, quite literally, in your step.

Using the same technology found in matresses, the Springuru Producing pocket springs at the micro scale is not easy. Our patented micro pocket springs are of the perfect size and geometry to fit into our EVA midsoles.  The 10mm high conical springs are precision placed, pre-compressed in their fabric pockets by an ultrasonic welding process.

Professor Jim Richards, Professor of Biomechanics at the University of Central Lancashire, has played a key role in the development of this concept.

He describes how other shoes achieve a cushioning or ‘damping’ effect by using EVA in the midsole. However the SPRINGURU midsole construction deploys a ‘spring and damper’ arrangement, much like you would find in a car suspension system. This is an efficient arrangement that can lead to improved loading rates and reduced impact forces.

The cavities in the EVA midsole have been designed to maximise the effectiveness of the ‘spring and damper’ cushioning arrangement. The grid system within the cavities fulfil several functions: they precision locate the pocket springs; they enhance the ‘in parallel’ rather than ‘in series’, nature of the ‘spring and damper’ arrangement; and they help prevent the springs from becoming ‘coil bound’.

Priced at £75 a pair, the shoes come in a variety of sizes and colours and in our view, are extremely comfortable!  Visit the Spiringuru website to find out more and to buy.

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