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For the spirited adrenaline junkie, there really is no greater challenge. A tandem skydive from is the ultimate test of bravery for all thrill seekers, as you plummet from up to 12,000ft in the air. After your short briefing you will be kitted up in a jump suit ready to board the plane. An anxious 25 minute flight to reach the correct altitude will give you all the time you need to test your nerves to their limits, before you’re finally ready to take that leap of faith. Once harnessed to your fully qualified tandem partner, there is no going back as you fall through the sky for up to 7000ft, reaching speeds of 120mph. A truly unique sensation! Once you reach 5000ft the instructor will deploy the parachute and you’ll float back down to solid ground, completing a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This incredible adventure is available to buy as a voucher for £249 from

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