Give your body the MOT it deserves with a visit to Sprint Physio.

When was the last time you can honestly say you had no aches or pains?  We live in a society obsessed with smartphones and tablets, we’re over-worked (and stressed) and under-rested and when we do have spare time, more and more of us are choosing to spend it down the gym or playing sports.


All of that adds up to posture issues, aches and pains, bad backs, feelings of being lethargic… you name it, many ofus don’t know what it feels like to be completely free of ailments and too many of us do nothing about it.


Frustrated with having ticked most of those boxes, the version was curious to see exactly what help there is out there, and whether anything could be done to relieve us of the knots and aches which irritate us so often.


A quick google search later and we found Sprint Physiotherapy in the heat of Kensington, London.  Sprint Physiotherapy is a highly regarded physiotherapy clinic that has been nestled in the heart of Kensington since 2002, providing exemplary care for motivated individuals.


The clinic has established a team of professional, dedicated and caring practitioners who enjoy strong links and relationships with some of the best consultants in the Capital.


Having ignored our issues for so long, we weren’t sure what to expect.  We had preconceptions of candles, whale music and oils and to be honest, we couldn’t be more wrong.  Sprint isn’t some cosy spa, it’s a fully legit medical practice.


That meant, before our physiotherapists got their hands on us, we were given the chance to explain our ailments to them, to which they were able to properly diagnose our needs for the session.  For myself, long-standing issues with knots in my upper back and aches in my lower back meant I needed a good deal of pressure and some full-on attention to issues which can at worst, be excruciating and at best, just give me terrible posture.  For my colleague, a sports injury in the arm has caused problems for months if not years and so it was going to be interesting to see what could be done.


My physiotherapist Lorna was fantastic.  She quickly identified the horrible, deep knots and began working them out.  I won’t lie, it really hurt, but as they say ‘no pain no gain’ and the pain is kind of enjoyable in a strange kind of way. She also worked her magic on my spine, my lower back, my neck, my hips… I felt like a different person at the end!  The session lasted sixty minutes which felt like a generous length of time and genuinely, despite feeling sore, the sense of relief on the pain points was immense.  To be honest, it’s that kind of pain that you sort of enjoy anyhow!


Lorna advised that my posture and knots are bad enough to warrant me going to a physio on a repeat basis of approximately every six to eight weeks and this was no hard sell – I don’t live in London so she wasn’t trying to flog me repeat visits.


The following day, I had the sensation of having needles stuck in the back of my shoulder blades – which probably doesn’t sound all that nice and it was a strange feeling, but I took it to mean that something was taking effect. Since that day, I have certainly felt the benefit, although as I write this I can feel some aching in the back so I might just have to book another session somewhere local, soon.


Lorna made a great point during my visit, which was we all spend money on our hair, our clothes, we all pay to service our cars, but we are terrible at giving our bodies the attention they deserve in the medical sense. If you’re reading this and you feel any kind of ache or pain it is absolutely worth looking into booking a sports massage or physio because your body deserves it.  I’ll let my colleague tell you about his experience with his physician, Kinga… I reckon he got off lightly!




This was my first sports massage and I was a little nervous.  From what I had heard about sports massages, I was about to experience pain like going twelve rounds with Mike Tyson. So it helped that I was instantly put at ease by the warm smile and friendly approach of my therapist Kinga, as she met me in the waiting room. She led me to the treatment room and sat me down to discuss what I wanted to do in the hour.  I explained it was my first time so she took the lead and made me feel relaxed as we discussed my preferences.  Then she left the room so that I could undress, put on the towel, and lie down on the table to await the experience.


Kinga entered the room and started to work my shoulders and arms.  As she laid her hands on my shoulders, I could definitely feel the difference between this and a typical spa massage. There was a skill and precision in the way she moved her hands, deliberately manipulating different muscles groups to ease away knots and tension. This knowledge of anatomy was learnt from the London School of Massage where Kinga qualified as a sports massage therapist. Most impressively, she was able to infer the types of sport and training I do from the massage alone. 


But is this type of massage just for sporty, active people? Not at all! Kinga likens the massage to having a regular check-up, where she can identify problems early on and address them before they become chronic. Many of her clients are people with office jobs who have aches and pains due to sitting long hours.


Just think about it… have you ever noticed a creak or twinge from doing something regular at work or home. Have you had it seen to or do you soldier on? I’ll make a bet that most readers will go for months before they consider seeing someone, when a visit to a trained therapist could provide the relief, and more importantly the advice about stretching and strengthening that will keep the problem away.  For example, Kinga identified two muscle groups for me to strengthen to improve my posture and alignment.


So was it what I was expecting? Fortunately not! The twelve rounds with Tyson never materialised, and I could have stayed there for longer if Kinga didn’t have a queue of eager clients waiting. Truth be told, it wasn’t exactly pain-free but the levels were mild, and actually it was quite therapeutic. There was a little soreness the next day, similar to the feeling you get the day after the gym (although my night out on the town may have also had a part to play in that!) and after my body felt great - finely tuned!  


Would I go again? Yes! I’m converted. I pay to go to the dentist twice a year to look after my teeth; why wouldn’t I do the same to take care of my body?  Better still, I’ll enjoy the sports massage a great deal more too!




 To summarise, we can’t recommend Sprint highly enough.  It’s easily accessible, fantastic value for money and we could not fault the service we received. We’ll definitely be going back!


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