So, Solid State Cologne is not to be sniffed it!

Feel at your best when you're smelling good? We've sniffed out Solid State and their range of colognes, which come as a highly concentrated wax that you rub on rather than spray on. 

Solid cologne is the long lost cousin to the traditional spray variant. It has plenty of plus points: it's more concentrated, it's more portable, and it lasts longer. Solid State supply their cologne in a handy pocket-sized tin that you can carry at all times. The heat from your body softens the wax so that it applies more easily. And because it rubs on, you're able to discretely apply it rather than creating a cloud of spray when you're out and about.

Solid State pride's itself on creating the finest bespoke scents made up of locally sourced and botanically derived ingredients. Unlike regular fragrances, Solid colognes don’t evaporate quite so easily, instead, they interact with your body temperature and evolve throughout the day. 

A 15ml Solid Cologne will last approximately 3 months with heavy use - if you compared this to a 15ml spray you'd be lucky to see the week out.

We just can't wait until they release their sex panther range!

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