The KALA Pocket Sundial is the timepiece you never knew you needed!

Tracking time by the sun is nothing new, yet solar watches such as the Seiko Astron GPS Solar modelled by Novak Djokovic have taken this to a new level by using solar energy to power their timepieces. By comparison, the KALA Pocket Sundial has gone old school.

Crafted with traditional materials, based on ancient knowledge, the KALA pocket sundial ensures you will always know the time wherever you are in the world (weather permitting!). All you need to know is your latitude - how far north or south you are. Easy right? The KALA Pocket Sundial is based on the Universal equinoctial ring sundial, which has been used since time ago by ancient sailors and mathematicians. 

Okay so we're not suggesting that the Pocket Sundial should replace your favourite wrist or pocket watch - unless you're living in the desert. Even then it would definitely be easier to consult a watch or phone but that's not really the point. The Pocket Sundial is a thing of beauty and connects you to a more innate sense of time.

Designed as a contemporary response to a historic timepiece, the KALA Pocket Sundial can also be used as sun compass, a model of the world, and a piece of jewellery. 

Just don't blame us if you lose track of the time when you're meant to be keeping it with the KALA Pocket Sundial

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