Monomen Bracelets make for the perfect accessories this Summer.

Monomen offer a huge range of timeless, fashionable bracelets for men, made from the finest materials.

Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, sport, and high-end fashion lines, are made from real leather and stainless steel, so you know you’ll be wearing something of great quality.

Why wear a bracelet?  A bracelet like this tops off any outfit, whether you’re dressing down in the summer heat, or want to show some personality whilst wearing a suit, there’s something about wearing a Monomen bracelent that will make you feel confident and contemporary.

Monomen really do offer something for everyone too, with a huge range of colours, clasps and materials, there’s definitely something to suit you here.

We’re giving away two styles to lucky readers. Firstly, this black, real leather bracelet which is a great example of what Monomen have to offer.  We’re also giving away a brown leather bracelet, which is from their brand new collection, which is coming soon. 

For the chance to win, complete the form below no later than 4pm on Friday 29 July 2016.

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Our Verdict: If you're looking for a little something to add personality and confidence to your look, we wholly recommend Monomen Bracelets. Enjoy our exclusive half price offer using the offer code theversion50.


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