Grooming Guide: How to get the closest shave using Murdock London’s Elliot Straight Razor

Murdock London are the grooming specialists for gentlemen of good taste. With our made in England colognes, daily essentials and barbershop experiences, we form the foundations of confidence a man needs to stride through life’s adventures.

It all began with Irishman-about-London Brendan Murdock. Dissatisfied with unisex salons and high street barbers, he wanted to create a grooming experience inspired by the grand heritage of St James’ barbershops but tailored for modern, style-conscious men. A welcoming, masculine environment where a gent could take the time to relax with his favourite tipple, enjoy a wet-shave or beard trim and have his hair cut by skilled senior stylists.

In 2006 Brendan established the first Murdock London barbershop in the creative hub of Shoreditch. Its unique offering of classic services and modern men’s accessories was an instant success. Six more of Murdock’s enclaves soon followed across the capital’s most inspiring areas. From sub-cultural Soho to the financial heart of the City via the historical cobbled-streets of Covent Garden.

In response to the needs of the barbershop clients, and in collaboration with the barbers’ expert knowledge, Brendan created the signature Murdock collections of cologne, grooming and skincare. Sourcing the finest raw ingredients from his global travels, the collections are specially developed to suit the tastes and needs of gentlemen the world over.

The Murdock stores and online store offer a huge range of products for the modern man who wants to look and feel their best. 

Here, we focus on two fantastic Murdock London products, which make shaving a real pleasure.  

The Elliot straight razor is the perfect first step for those who want to start shaving in the traditional way but are a little wary of using the sharper cut throat razors. With one blade, a Straight Razor provides the skin with less irritation whilst also shaving closer than most modern blade razors.

As it uses disposables blades, you'll change the blade more often too which guarantees a more hygienic shaving experience. If you’re looking to avoid irritation, then moving to a sharper, more precise shaving tool is the best idea.

Retailing at £45, The Elliot provides you with the means to recreate that luxury barbershop experience in the comfort of your own home.  It looks smart, and feels great.

Here’s Murdock’s guide on how to best use it… 

1.   Lift the metal catch at the end of the razor. 
2. Separate the two metal sections of the razor.
3. Take a double edge razor blade so that the bladed edges are facing you and facing away from you. Hold it from underneath with both thumbs and middle fingers in the middle. DO NOT HOLD IT BY THE EDGE OF THE BLADES. Then fold the sides upwards so the two blade edges bend towards each other. Keep bending until the blades snap in half. 
4. Fit the blade over the two raised bumps on the lower metal section and then place the higher metal section on top and squeeze together. 
5. Close the catch over the two metal sections. 
6. Shave away!

For the best results, The Version recommends Murdock London’s rich, luxurious shaving cream. 

Evening primrose, borage, sunflower, green tea and marshmallow are the fine natural ingredients behind its remarkable ability to moisturise as you shave. The citrus-based oils of our classic Avalon Cologne are key to its lovely, fresh fragrance.

When shaving, the cream can be applied by hand or, for the best results create a lather with one of our Badger Shaving Brushes and Shaving Bowls.

A perfect gift, it arrives in a 200ml glass jar, packaged inside Murdock's hallmark tailored product box.

To use it…

Prepare a lather in a shaving bowl by mixing a fingertip amount of cream and a dash of water. Proceed to brush the lather on to the bearded area, massaging in a firm circular motion so that the cream coats the skin in all directions.

Our Verdict:  We’ve tried and tested The Elliot straight razor and Murdock London shaving cream for ourselves, and the experience was just great.  To take time out from our daily routine to groom in this meticulous way was extremely relaxing and satisfying.     Our skin felt amazing afterwards and once we’d perfected the technique (which didn’t take long) we knew from now on this was the ONLY way we were going to shave.  Murdock London have perfected the modern gent’s grooming range and we cannot rate them highly enough.  See for more details.


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