ashortwalk turn waste into designer homeware which looks anything but rubbish.

When you think ‘recycled materials’ you might conjure up images of inferior quality goods or designs. Perhaps something a little rough around the edges.  That’s why we’re so impressed with the products from A Short Walk, which are anything but.   In actual fact they look no different to some of the high quality, expensive items that we see on offer in the independent homeware shops on the high street and some of the Scandinavian web retailers which charge through the roof.

A small flower pot for example retails at £3.95.  £3.95!  That’s a steal!  Check out some of these highlights from the range below.

A Short Walk don't see waste just as waste. They see new raw materials with which they design, develop and produce pioneering products. Ranging from redundant plant pots and coffee cups to seemingly useless things like car bumpers, plastic bottles and yoghurt pots; they turn them into fantastic and durable products for you to use.


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