Beau Nuage - The Umbrella That Doesn't Get Wet

It sounds counter intuitive: an umbrella's sole purpose is to sacrifice itself up to the heavens so that you stay dry. So how can you make one that doesn't get wet?

Having struggled with their wet umbrellaas once they got out of the rain, the inventors of Beau Nuage saw an opportunity to update and improve what we long thought to be a timeless product. The inventions come two-fold: 

Their umbrella is redesigned with strong and improved materials. For example, the handle is made with ergonomic gel that can mould to every hand and gives a firm and comfortable grip even in the wettest conditions. The aluminium-and-steel shaft is durable, unbendable and light-weight, whilst the fiberglass ribs are very flexible and optimised for strong winds so that they prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out. Finally, the canopy material is thicker than the standard umbrella and has a Teflon coating that can repel water more effectively.

But the real innovation comes in the form of their patent-pending cover, which incorporates three layers to contain and dry-out your wet umbrella so that you can stick it straight back into your bag without fear of ruining your laptop or papers. When convenient, you can turn the cover inside out to let it dry, and it is also machine washable.

How do you get one? Get ahead of the game and invest in Beau Nuage's indiegogo campaign right here: There's even an option to personalise an umbrella canvas with your own design if you're feeling a bit artistic.

Our verdict: No rain, no gain.