Discover refreshing seasonal serves from Beluga Vodka - and win a bottle for yourself!

With summer on the horizon, super-premium brand Beluga Vodka has created two innovative cocktails to enjoy during the warmer months. Whether consumers are looking for something different to drink at home or to simply provide a refreshing serve for their summer drinks party, the Beluga cocktails are set to suit any palate. Each cocktail has been designed in collaboration with Global and UK Brand Ambassadors, Walter Pintus and Zoran Peric, and the infamous Connaught Hotel.


The Trans-Siberian Spritz is a sparkling mix of Beluga Noble, rhubarb cordial and Galliano Apertivo, topped with Brut Champagne. Alternatively, the Beluga Collins is a light and refreshing cocktail that muddles together Beluga Noble, lemon juice, elderflower, grapefruit and soda water.


Trans-Siberian Spritz

30ml Beluga Noble

30ml Rhubarb & red fruits cordial

10ml Galliano Apertivo

45ml Brut Champagne 



Stir all the ingredients with ice and strain into a wine glass

over a single ice block.

Top up with chilled champagne, squeeze the orange zest to release

the oils and garnish with an apple blossom flower.


Beluga Collins

40ml Beluga Noble Vodka

20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

20ml Elderflower syrup

Two drops of grapefruit bitters

Topped up with soda water



Stir all the ingredients in a glass, aside from the soda water.

Add ice and top-up with soda water.

 Walter Pintus, Global Brand Ambassador at Beluga Vodka says: “The Beluga Collins is a simple and refreshing drink that is ideal for those looking to enjoy their favourite vodka in a long, slow cocktail. The exclusively designed Trans-Siberan Spritz on the other hand - which is inspired by a vintage recipe from Charles H. Baker’s 1939 cocktail guide, ‘The Gentleman’s Companion’ - is a fresh, elegant and aromatic take on the classic spritz, which perfectly reflects the typical ingredients of a British summer.”

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