Belle-V kitchen accessories look so good, we could spoon them!

Belle-V came to be as a result of a long lasting relationship between a Wharton professor, a world-renown design firm and an accomplished serial-entrepreneur – each doing what they love and working together to bring these ideals to reality.

Belle-V launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign.  Dr. Karl Ulrich, Vice Dean of Innovation at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, has collected ice cream scoops for over twenty years. The seed of Belle-V was planted when Karl noticed that many scoops pose ergonomic challenges because they work against the natural motion of your wrist. These design deficiencies make it hard to drive through hard ice cream or easily reach into the corners of ice cream containers.

As well as being ergonomically designed, Belle-V products are visually brilliant.  Who'd have ever thought an Ice Cream scoop would look good on display?  The materials and unique design make these scoops look  fantastic, and they're also packaged to look expensive and desirable, making them a perfect gift idea.

Belle-V don't just make scoops, their online store boasts a super-cool Bottle Opener and a stunning Serving Spoon set.

Our Verdict: Belle-V products are fashionable, unique and work brilliantly.

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