Introducing Bionic Bird - the ultimate in drone technology.

Ever owned a drone? Thought not! And neither have we!

Drone.  Definition:  Speak tediously in a dull monotonous tone.

No wonder they've got a bit of a PR issue.  Crashing into planes, slicing people's fingers, generally being a bit naff.  


However, I am happy to chirp that this is all about to change.  Welcome to the world of the Bionic Bird. Already that feels better - bionic bird - like the terminator reimagined as a badass sparrow.

It looks like a bird, it flies like a bird, with you pulling the invisible strings as you control it through a smartphone app with range of 100m. And unlike those boring drones, you can customise the flight of the bionic bird to match your flying skills.  For example, you adjust the tail to control the speed so it can be flown indoors as well as outside.

We love the design and attention to detail. You charge the bionic bird by perching it on top of its egg, which doubles up as a battery and portable charger good for 12 charges when you're on the go.

But don't just take our word for it, watch these incredible videos of the bionic bird soaring:


Our verdict: chirping brilliant! See  for more.

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