black+blum - For the designer in you.

We first met black+blum last year when we featured their iconic water carafe with binchotan active charcoal filter; an amazing product that we still love and use everyday!  So it is with some excitement to get our hands on some of their latest products from the Box Appetit range.

First up, the Travel Mug - 

This is a daily essential for most people on their commute and yet there are very few good ones. Why in this day and age is it beyond the wit of man to produce a travel mug that works??  This must have been the thinking when black+blum got together to solve the problem.  The result: a high quality stainless steel, sleek design and an easy to sip top that are a pleasure to use. Thankfully, they came up with an ergonomic sip area which allows you to easily control the flow of hot liquid entering your mouth. The elegant spin lid detail, makes it easy to use one handed and allows you to easily open and close it while on the go.


Up second, the Insulated Drinks Bottle - 


Maybe it's the horror memories of being sat at the side of the road, waiting for an eternity as the parents drank tepid tea from a brightly coloured, plasticky thermos flask, maybe it's something else, but it's the practical item that for the time being we've resisted buying.  That was until now. The team at black+blum have wiped the slate clean with a fresh take on the insulated drinks bottle which mean we can finally own one without requiring the additional therapy!  It does the job - keeps your drinks hot (for up to 12 hrs) and cold (for up to 24 hrs), and it features a rippled wall that gives the bottle strength, grip for holding and looks the business.


Our verdict: job done! Visit to buy yours.