British Traditions Aren’t Dying, They’re Just Evolving

Whenever a new technology springs up you always hear the backlash that it will destroy the “traditional” way of life. The computer, the Internet, the iPhone. Go far back enough and even writing is suspected of being responsible for the downfall of the next generation. If you google – "technology ruining society” - actually - I would advise against that. But the next time you hear your older relatives wax nostalgic about a time before smartphones, ask yourself, are we really that different?

Just because we’re living in a tech-based world doesn’t mean that traditions are going to die out anytime soon. In fact they just seem to keep evolving – just as they always have. British traditions are alive and well, people may just be engaging in them in ways you wouldn’t expect. So what are some ways in which British traditions that have infiltrated the online world?

 Fish and Chips 

Credit: through Pinterest 

Fish and chips are the unofficial food of Britain. They’ve been a dish in Britain ever since the mid-19th century and they’ve only grown in popularity since. Although they’ve always been a traditional takeaway, it’s only in the last couple of years that we’ve been able to access this dish right from our laptop screens. With the rise of online order sites like Hungry House and Deliveroo, fish and chips has officially upgraded itself in the take-out game. Chips to your door, just a few clicks of your laptop - that’s certainly something McDonalds doesn’t do (yet).


 The Lotto

Credit: through Pinterest

The lottery has been around ever since its resurgence in 16th century Europe. The first lottery recorded in British history was charted by Queen Elizabeth I herself! It’s tradition to spend a couple of quid, trying your luck on the lottery each week. However you might be more likely to try your luck online rather than at the supermarket checkout these days. The lotto’s evolved and with the rise of sites like Lottoland you can now engage in the lottery online, just pick your numbers and you’re off! You can even bet on multiple lotteries around the world including the American Powerball and the Irish lottery. It certainly saves you a trip to the supermarket, especially as most of us do our shopping online now anyway.


The Pub via Pinterest

Getting a pint in the pub, maybe over a Sunday lunch, is another long-held British tradition. But today you don’t have to just settle for the nearest option just down the road. With sites like Google and Yelp we can now find everything, from the menu to whether or not they have your favourite beer – online. Now maybe certain generations wouldn’t approve of this careful selection process, but who needs Grandfather’s approval when you just avoided the venue that gave its last five customers salmonella?


So remember, the next time someone complains that British traditions are falling out of style, be sure to consider that all these things we Brits are known for are still there. We eat fish and chips, we play the lottery - the platforms we do them on are just a little different these days.


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