Introducing Broga® - the new fitness workout for men.

We’ve had Yoga on the beach, Yoga in Sauna conditions and Yoga in water, but now Broga® brings the popular fitness technique to a whole new audience – men.

The idea of me sitting on a mat bending into strange positions whilst listening to whale music has never appealed, but put “Bro” into the equation and suddenly I see the whole thing differently.

 Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Broga® is a trademark signature yoga practice designed for a male sensibility (although ladies are of course always welcome!). It is a strong, intense and physically challenging workout with accessible postures that challenge the body in new ways, increase performance and capability in sport and reduces the possibility of injury or painful impingement. Participants will use and develop strength, stamina and increased mobility from the very first class.

We haven’t yet made it to a Broga® class, but we have tried and tested the Broga® DVD and we can definitely recommend it.  Led by fitness expert Matt Miller, the programme is easy to follow – yet challenging.  You’ll be sweating by the end that’s for sure!

For someone who has bad posture, I found the workout left me feeling great – it’ll stretch you out, and it concentrates on working core areas of the body including your back, chest and shoulders. This is not a relaxation dvd, this is a work out and you will feel sore at the end. It’s certainly changed my preconceptions of anything Yoga related and The Version think it is well worth being open minded about it, and giving it a go.   The dvd includes 6 x 50 minute work outs so it’s also exceptional value for money.


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