Introducing Byron Hamburgers August Special... The B&A!

Byron Burgers continue to raise the bar this month, with the introduction of their latest special, the B & A.   At the heart of this classy little number lies four cuts of properly-sourced British beef, ground into a perfectly cooked 6oz pattie.  As a standard, Byron Hamburgers come medium rare – they understand how to cook the beef so it tastes just as it should, but of course all of their burgers can be cooked to order.

Joining the pattie is stunning dry cure bacon, zingy guacamole, roasted green bell peppers, picked red onions, shredded iceberg lettuce and of course the trademark (literally) Freddar™ cheese and Byron sauce.  The best thing about the burger in our opinion is the mix of salty dry cure bacon with beautifully fresh guacamole and the pickled red onions, coming together to deliver a stunning mouthful that will satisfy any serious burger lover.

 To accompany it, we recommend another new menu item, Bacon Cheese Fries.  Again using the Freddar™ cheese sauce, the unique taste of these fries sets them far above your average “cheesy chips” and there are more than enough in one portion to share.

 To wash things down, you could of course opt for one of the craft or new draft beers on offer, or indeed any of the other drinks available we opted to treat ourselves to the brand new Sunset Coolevard, which blends vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, malt, honeycomb pieces and thick chocolate swirl.   We thought Byron would be hard pushed to beat their incredible Reese Peanut Butter Cup shake, but they might have just topped it here.

We’ll say it again, Byron specialise in hamburgers which means if you want an excellent choice of beautifully crafted burgers, there’s just no better place for them. 

We enjoyed our meal at Byron Hamburgers based at the Highcross Shopping  Centre in Leicester (where we must say the service was brilliant!). To find your nearest restaurant,  view the full menu plus restaurant details at