From Sneakers to Fur Boots, Shoe The Bear Footwear are a great fit.

Shoe The Bear is a British footwear company which uses the finest leather to produce cool and contemporary shoes for the modern man (and woman).

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From sneakers to fur-lined boots, there’s something for all tastes and requirements.  Just take a look at some of these fine specimens…


The brand is serious about quality footwear.  The say “We take great care in the production and design process of our shoes, and make sure that they become so detailed and unique, that you could say each Shoe the Bear collection gains it’s own personality as an end result”.

They add “The production behind Shoe the Bear’s game changing footwear collection is by all means based on quality craftsmanship mixed with real leather. We aren’t messing with you, and neither are we messing around. Our focus on making leather footwear is what you may call a tunnel vision, a 100% clean focus on only that, as we believe this level of concentration is the only way to ensure that you guys get exactly what both you, your outfit and your feet deserves”.

Our Verdict: If you are looking for well made footwear which sets you apart from everyone else and hasn’t been mass produced for the high street, then Shoe The Bear is a great fit.

Check out the full range at

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