Funky Steps are miles ahead when it comes to funky socks!

Sometimes it just isn't appropriate to don the Sgt. Pepper's style satin day-glo-coloured outfit.  Rare I know but sometimes it just isn't.  Fear not, for those who still want to express themselves Funky Steps socks allow just that.  They provide socks with expressive designs that range from funky to downright George Clinton.

Funky Steps was born in 2007 in England by an ambitious team of  designers that want to deliver a product for customers who love exclusive, fun and very funky socks, which are worn as an attractive accessory.  The collection are popular not only among style lovers from England but also with other European customers. 


Funky Steps socks are not for the faint hearted.  They will make you stand out from the crowd.  They will bring out your self-confident, stylish and slightly funky personality.  You have been warned... 

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