Introducing CUBE - the portable, personal LED light from enevu.

In our world of portable laptops, portable speakers, portable everything, there’s an overlooked necessity – portable lighting.  The CUBE by enevu (“ene-view”) solves this with an innovative, small and efficient personal LED light.  Founded in Hong Kong by Swiss product designer Lorenzo Scazziga and German entrepreneur Felix Grimm, enevu is focused on products that are easy-to-use and merge the latest technologies with purist design.

cube light 2.jpg

CUBE combines high performance and versatility with aesthetic and engineering.  The compact multi-layer construction of CUBE utilises assembly methods borrowed from the high-tech electronics industry. Components are aligned and sealed very tightly to achieve an IPX4 splash-proof rating.

cube light.jpg

The techy bit:

Useful: Powerful white light - up to 100 Lumen - up to 100 hours

Special: Color changing light & ability to lock current color

Serious: Emergency flash mode up to 48 hours

Complete: Includes batteries & hanging hook & diffusor

Compact & Durable: Highly packable at only 2" and 100g (3.42oz) - engineered for toughness - IPX4 splashproof

Size: 52.5 x 52.5 x 52.5mm, 2.05" x 2.05" x 2.05"

Weight: 97g (62g + batteries), 3.42oz (2.18oz + batteries)

Materials: ABS/TPR, PC, AS, custom stainless-steel screws

Drop test: up to 1m height

Our verdict: It's light years ahead!  Get yours from