Iris Hantverk - A brush with Swedish brilliance

We make it no secret that we are big fans of Swedish design here at The Version - now we can assure you we are big fans of Swedish manufacture too!  Iris Hantverk specialise in beautifully designed and crafted brushes that have a place in every part of the home.  Particularly in the bathroom these brushes make an excellent addition: from the long-reaching back scrubber, to the shaving foam applicator, to the nail brush.  All are made using the finest-quality materials, including oil-treated beech, birch and oak wood for the handles and backs, and bristles from materials including horsehair, coconut and Tampico fibres.


Iris Hantverk is an incredible social enterprise that can trace its history back over 100 years of brush binding.  Founded from a collective that was set up to support visually impaired artisans, Iris Hantverk continues this social responsibility to this day.  Every brush is still made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen using time honoured techniques that follow old Swedish tradition.  With incredibly steady hands, this diverse group of men and women assemble each brush, meticulously attaching bundles of natural fibre bristles to wooden bases made of oil-treated wood. The result is a well-made brush that is as comfortable in hand as it is long lasting.

As well as brushes, Iris Hantverk make a wonderful range of wooden items and also work alongside other Scandinavian designers and manufacturers to offer exclusive soft furnishings in their stores in Stockholm and through their website.

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