LIFESTYLE: Review - James Martin's Stellar Stainless Steel set is what your kitchen needs.

With the heatwave now a distant memory and the autumnal weather coming in, all we want to do is stay indoors and hibernate!

Both Celebrity Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off are almost upon us and we can’t wait to get going in the kitchen, cooking up all kind of hearty sweet and savoury dishes.


There’s no better time to give your kitchen a bit of love. Have you thought about clearing out your cupboards and having a big of a reconfiguration? We have.  And we’ve every intention of throwing out our rusty old baking trays and scratched up pots and pans and replacing them with something even better.

This is where Stellar cookware comes in.

Designed in Bristol and distributed worldwide by Horwood Homewares, Stellar has a reputation of being THE product for the home chef who wishes to bring high-quality, long-lasting and beautifully designed articles to their kitchen.

james martin 2.png

The brand features a growing portfolio of over 700 creations that extensively cover each kitchen task – from cooking, baking, food prep, eating & drinking to small electricals. With its timeless designs, Stellar is the perfect fit for both contemporary and traditional homes.  They’re the kind of pans you wouldn’t mind having out on show all the time!

In preparation for our kitchen refresh, we tried and tested Stellar’s James Martin range of stainless steel pans.  They’re made from PFOA free scratch resistant Teflon Platinum meaning they don’t just look the part, they’re also an absolute dream to clean. The other positive of having non-stick pans is that you barely have to use any oil, if any at all, meaning you don’t have to worry about spoiling your food with unpleasant fats.

Likewise, cooking is made really easy with the set because of the silicon handle grips – for once, we didn’t have to keep reaching for the oven gloves every two minutes when we wanted to move the pans around.

We really felt the part when cooking with this set, perhaps because they were designed by professional chef James Martin.

james martin 5.png

Every pan in the set comes with a lid, even the milk pan which we found to be a godsend.

Here are the important bits, you need to know:

·        Dishwasher Safe

·        Suitable for Gas, Halogen, Ceramic, & Solid Plate

·        Induction Suitable

·        Stay Cool Handles

·        Oven Safe Up to 180°C

·        Stellar Lifetime Guarantee, 10 Year Non-Stick Warranty


We’ve spent years buying supermarket pots and pans and find ourselves throwing away crusty old kitchenware pretty much every year.  There’s so much to be said for investing in a high quality set like these, which come with a ten year non-stick warranty.

Check out for the full range.