Kaffebox brings the best independently roasted coffee beans direct to your door.

We all know that anything Scandinavian is 1) Great 2) Designer 3) Quality.

From homeware to fashion and now food and drink, if it’s Scandi it’s desirable.  So Kaffe Box are surely on to a good thing with their coffee company.  Which, by the way, is also a subscription service which also happens to be the in thing right now.

Sign up, and each month, you will receive 1-4 bags of beans from a different roaster.  It’s all nicely packaged and there’s lots of information on the distributor which is all good.

The bags themselves are a decent size and we were sent beans from two different roasters, both of which we very much enjoyed.  The roasters themselves aren’t limited to Scandinavia, we received one packet from San Francisco and one from Keyna and we love that subscribers get to try different coffees from all around the globe.

You’re not tied into a contract and you choose the grind settings, amount of coffee and coffee type.

Prices start at $12 a packet and there are different subscriptions available including a gift subscription.


Check out http://www.kaffebox.no for more info.