LIFESTYLE: David Attenborough voted most desirable celebrity neighbour

Sir David Attenborough is the nation's favoured celebrity neighbour.

2,000 members of the public were survey for Insurance company Gocompare.  When asked which British celebrity UK residents would most like to live next door to, the top 10 are listed below:

1) Sir David Attenborough
2) Mary Berry
3) Stephen Fry
4) Ed Sheeran
5) Idris Elba
6) Prince William & Kate Middelton
7) Adele
8) Emma Watson
9) Lorraine Kelly
10) JK Rowling

The natural science presenter narrowly beat TV chef Mary Berry, actor Stephen Fry and singer/song-writer Ed Sheeran.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.10.54 (1).png

At the other end of the scale, Katie Hopkins is nation's most unwanted celebrity neighbour.  
When asked which British celebrity UK residents would LEAST like to live next door to, the top 8 are listed below:

1) Katie Hopkins
2) Russell Brand
3) Nigel Farage
4) Jeremy Clarkson
5) Piers Morgan
6) Jeremy Kyle
7) James Corden
8) Ricky Gervais

Hopkins topped a list of controversial stars, including Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan.

Sir David is the most desired celebrity neighbour for females and males alike, as well as every age group, except 18-24, and every region except for Wales. In these two categories Ed Sheeran is first with Attenborough in second.