Our Ultimate Father's Day gift: World Whiskies Awards 2016 Single Malt Whisky Winners Tasting Set

The idea of drinking some of the finest Whiskey's in the World will most likely seem out of reach to most of us.  More likely, if you want to treat your old Man this Father's Day you'll be thinking a bottle of something from the Supermarket is more within your reach.

Well stop what you're doing because Master of Malt, the BRILLIANT online drinks store, has the perfect gift for Papa this Father's Day.

Discover the best single malts from around the globe with the World Whiskies Awards 2016 Winners Tasting Set! Included you'll find five award-winning single malt whiskies as well as a copy of the 2016 awards issue of Whisky Magazine featuring all the winners.

Here's what's included...


World's Best Single Malt:

Old Pulteney 1989 Vintage

Best American Single Malt:

Balcones Texas Single Malt

Best English Single Malt:

English Whisky Co. Chapter 15

Best French Single Malt:

Armorik Maître de Chai

Best Indian Single Cask Single Malt:

Paul John Classic Select Cask


Now I'm not going to lie, we haven't actually tasted these ourselves BUT click on any of the links and you'll see the value of these beautiful bottles of goodness and you can find out more about why they're just SO good.

We were stunned to see this set retails for only £37.95.  This is a fantastic package and just one of many sets available from masterofmalt.com.

If you're going to treat him this Father's Day, you can't go wrong with this. 

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