MEATCURE deliver with a range of burgers that live up to their names!

Inspired by New York’s meat-packing district and Southern BBQ, MEATCURE offers an array of Burgers, all named after classic movies.

(C) Cool as Leicester

(C) Cool as Leicester

The restaurants themselves are bang on trend – cork-board walls, metal seats… you catch our drift.  It makes for an informal, light and airy and a social environment. 

You’ll see from the menu below that these burgers are beasts.  Big and meaty and oozing with flavoursome gunk, which is guaranteed to be dribbling down your chops by the timeyou’ve finished.  These are so good, your hands will be covered too.

meatcure menu


We tried the My Cousin Vinny.  Juicy, breaded chicken with marina sauce, melted mozzareall and serrano ham.  It was flavoursome, spicy and it went down a treat.


We also got our gums around a Rocky Balboa.  A huge beef patty with double melted cheese beer pulled chicken, streaky bacon and smoked mayo with lettuce and tomato.   Now THIS is a burger!

Somehow we found room for some decent home made slaw and some spicy paprika fries and to top it all off, a waffle and a sundae which were sweet, delicious and pretty damn big also.

All washed down with a couple of beers from the tap, it certainly made for a fun and tasty experience.

MEATCURE is like your Shoreditch version of a Byron.  Everything is super-sized, everything uses great ingredients and with loads of options for fries and shareables, they also capture the spirit of Nando’s here too.

With branches across the East Midlands including Leicester, Hinckley and Market Harborough, plus one in Bedford, on the back of our visit we expect many more MEATCURES to come.

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