Time. Machined. Discover the Minus-8 watch collection.

There's something about putting on a impressive watch that gives you a feeling of being the bollocks.  I'm not sure if it's the weight, the solid construction, the imposing nature on your wrist, but suddenly time has more importance and if someone needs to know, you're the place to go.  That's what it's like when you put on a MINUS-8.

The tag line of MINUS-8 says it all.  Time. Machined. The watches look like they come from the future; and with functions like nfc compatibility you could also argue they are set for the future. Whilst bold in appearance, they manage to also exude a quality andelegance that many watchmakers fail to achieve.  For attention is in the detail. Study the face of the MINUS-8 and you'll find a three dimensional landscape meticulously designed and delivered.

What's going on inside?  MINUS-8 select and build around precise Japanese automatic movements like Seiko and Miyota and use best in class materials and space age technology like PVD (physical vapour deposition for those in the know) to instill that bulletproof build quality into their watches. We're not joking either! The sapphire crystal lenses they use on the watch face are also used for shatter-resistant armoured vehicles and tactical body armour.

Our verdict: Move over Dr Who, the new time lords are here.

Check out the full collection now at minus8watch.com.


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