Monbento flasks mean coffee on the go no longer needs to be geeky

The very idea of filling up a flask of coffee before a walk conjure's up images of geeky folk in anoraks stopping for a sip of coffee in the middle of a field, one hand on the flask, one hand on their hip.

It's hideous.

BUT times are changing and a flask... or insulated bottle as we prefer to call it, doesn't need to adhere to that image at all.  One such product is the Monbento flask, available via


The MB Steel insulated bottle is fit for any adventure. Made of stainless steel, its your faithful partner for carrying an invigorating coffee, steaming tea, or a healthy smoothie for a re-vitalizing break at any moment. The double walled exterior helps keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours and ensures a comfortable and safe grip by insulating your hand from the heat. This 50 cl (17 Fl oz) bottle also includes an infuser for enjoying the ultimate healthy snack whilst on the go... fresh strawberries or lemon and spring water for example.


See! Flasks CAN be sexy.  See more details here. 

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