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The pursuit of excellence captivates and excites like no other.  Why settle for satisfactory when you can have Concorde or the McLaren F1?  How unsatisfactory would the world be?  That is why we were so surprised to find out that the wristwatch is far from achieving excellence, even if certain Swiss watchmakers would have you believe otherwise.  That is until now.....


MORGENWERK set out to create the most accurate wristwatch in the world and boy have they delivered.  Their watches will keep time to less than a second over the course of a year.  To put that into a little context, a typical quartz watches will lose over a minute every year and a mechanical watch will lose so much time you’d be better off using a sundial or counting elephants (Mississippis for our US friends).

How do they do it? 

1.       They start by using the best digital technology - a thermo-compensated quartz oscillator - which can adjust itself automatically to the ambient temperature.  This would already remain accurate to within +/- 30 seconds a year.

2.       Next, they utilise satellite precision - via a GPS antenna in the watch – to receive a reference time signal based on atomic clocks with an accuracy to 100 nanoseconds.

2.5   100 nanoseconds!!  Haven’t they cracked it then??  Well yes and no.  GPS is great; apart from it drinks battery juice like you would a long island during prohibition and the signal drops the second you step into the shade.

3.       Artificial Intelligence – that’s right, the answer is a self-learning algorithm within the watch that monitors how accurate the watch remains between connections to GPS.  Every time you connect to GPS and update the time on the watch, it will recalibrate itself and become ever more accurate.


And best of all, because it uses GPS to stay on time, your MORGENWERK can keep you accurate whether you’re up in the Swiss Alps or trekking through the Amazonian rainforest (added bonus – it has a perpetual calendar that keeps up to date, even on leap years).


So you’re getting the top-of-the-range in timekeeping and it doesn’t stop there. The watches come with a completely custom movement, developed and manufactured by MORGENWERK.  As part of that custom design, they come with Lithium Ion batteries that will last up to 8 months, and a custom charging station that is powered by micro-USB connection.

There’s 8 different models to choose from: 2 are constructed from solid steel, the other 6 are all titanium.  But when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Production has been limited to either 200 or 300 pieces depending on the model.  For you chance to bag one, visit or even better, win one of two watches worth €1400 each by entering our competition below.

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Our verdict: Werks a treat!