Murdock London Grooming Products bring barbershop grooming to your bathroom.

Murdock London are the grooming specialists for gentlemen of good taste. With our made in England colognes, daily essentials and barbershop experiences, we form the foundations of confidence a man needs to stride through life’s adventures.

It all began with Irishman-about-London Brendan Murdock. Dissatisfied with unisex salons and high street barbers, he wanted to create a grooming experience inspired by the grand heritage of St James’ barbershops but tailored for modern, style-conscious men. A welcoming, masculine environment where a gent could take the time to relax with his favourite tipple, enjoy a wet-shave or beard trim and have his hair cut by skilled senior stylists.

In 2006 Brendan established the first Murdock London barbershop in the creative hub of Shoreditch. Its unique offering of classic services and modern men’s accessories was an instant success. Six more of Murdock’s enclaves soon followed across the capital’s most inspiring areas. From sub-cultural Soho to the financial heart of the City via the historical cobbled-streets of Covent Garden.

In response to the needs of the barbershop clients, and in collaboration with the barbers’ expert knowledge, Brendan created the signature Murdock collections of cologne, grooming and skincare. Sourcing the finest raw ingredients from his global travels, the collections are specially developed to suit the tastes and needs of gentlemen the world over.

The Murdock Product Range includes Shaving Creams, Shampoos, Colognes, Face Scrubs and more, with a huge range to sort your needs.  

The Version tried the Murdock Shaving Cream, which retails at £34 for a 200ml jar, which should last you ages.  Made from Evening primrose, borage, sunflower, green tea and marshmallow, together with citrus-based oils of their classic Avalon Cologne mean the cream moisturises your skin as you use it, and leaves you smelling great.

Murdock’s award winning Therepeutic Scalp Shampoo has been formulated to eliminate a range of scalp complaints such as dryness, dandruff, irritation & inflammation.

It contains an intense blend of natural, therapeutic oils, including High Altitude Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Juniper which come together to cleanse and refresh the scalp. Natural sugars, Blossom Honey and Caramel further soothe the hair and improve its general health.

This shampoo has been specially designed to calm sensitive scalps and is suitable for all hair types.

This stuff smells as high end as it looks. 

We’ve encountered similar smelling products in high-end health spa’s before, and when you use it, you’ll feel that sense of therapy and luxury which will leave you feeling clean, well conditioned and soothed.  We think the price tag of £20 a bottle is well worth it.  Even if you don’t suffer from scalp issues, using Murdock’s product is far more satisfying than your bog standard high street bottle.


Overall, we love the appearance of the Murdock products and as we said before, their range is huge and diverse offering something for everyone.  Be sure to check out their sets as well, which offer a complete package to meet your needs.

Murdock has a number of stores in London plus on in Paris, but you can also buy online via

Our Verdict:   5/5 Murdock Products are bang on trend, worth every penny and will leave you feeling GREAT!