MWA's Stilt is the genius new display unit for your designer home or office.

We're the kind of people who care about our home and our office and we're always keeping an eye out for contemporary and cool furniture pieces to ensure our environments are top notch. Gone are the days when we are satisfied with a Billy Bookcase from that Scandinavian home store.

When we discovered MWA, we loved their designs and in particular, their Stilt display unit.

MWA stilt

MWA stands for Makers With Agendas. MWA say they "address matters of society to create meaningful products" They call this agenda-driven design. MWA is engaged in thinking, producing and distributing design.

They operate across scales and disciplines from our two divisions: The MWA product division where our designs materialise and the MWA project division where they think, perform and implement their agenda-driven design principles outside the boundaries of their product division.

So, let us introduce you to the Stilt.  It's a brilliant piece of design which is customisable meaning you can really tailor it to your needs.  See what we mean, below.

Cool eh? 

Our Verdict: As you can see, the Stilt leans against your wall meaning there's no need for ugly fixings and it is completely flexible.  Whether you want to showcase a piece of art, or use it to store your books, It's sturdy, multi-functional and a steal at only £80 (starting price).  Visit to find out more and to check out other MWA products.