Northampton Sneaker Co combine contemporary athletic design with first class manufacturing.

Northampton Sneaker Co. create luxury handcrafted footwear in Northamptonshire, in the heart of England. If that sound quaint, note that these aren’t some olde worlde shoes. These are sneakers, and they have the appearance of contemporary look of street-style athletic foortwear whilst benefiting from first rate quality production, delivered by traditional means of shoe making.

If you’re after a cheap pair of casual shoes which’ll last you a couple of months, stick to the high street. But if you want some robust sneakers built to last, these are for you.  Each pair takes two days of maticulous handcrafting and hand finishing to create, going through around 200 separate operations.

If sneakers were cars, ours would be an Aston Martin. Carefully handcrafted over many hours. The sole and upper is handstitched together rather than glued. The key advantage to this technique, called Goodyear Welting, is it's strength and that it can be unstitched, and a sole replaced. The upper, made from the finest leather, can also be refurbished at the same time prolonging the life of the product way beyond any normal sneaker. All footwear is heat formed around an internal mould shape called a 'last'.

The Version's Verdict:   The sheer quality of Northampton Sneaker Co shoes is apparent the minute you feel them.  The shoes are sturdy and extremely comfortable, and for £279 a pair, you can be confident that you are purchasing an investment.  There is no doubting that these beautifully designed sneakers are made to last. 

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