The OLAF Urban Scooter is the perfect solution for any City Slicker

The Version might just have found its new favourite gadget!

For go-getters like us who are constantly on the move, this half scooter – half bag gadget is simply genius.  It all started a few years ago when the lead developer Boštjan wanted to make a sturdy carry-on suitcase solution for his traveling needs. He came across to a similar product, which had a few defects and features that he thought could be improved. Always the inventor, he started developing his own highly technically refined product. As a learned PhD and machine engineer, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He was joined by his father, himself a tool maker. Together in a home garage they started resolving problems one step at a time. This is how the OLAF Business was developed.

To achieve the desired level of quality, Bostjan developed and patented several unique features and tested dozens of prototypes while traveling the globe. At the same time, longboards were catching on, so OLAF Urban was the logical next step. Its idea is to form an ideal mix of a longboard and a kick scooter, while allowing the user to troll his Urban luggage with it.

In terms of the scooter, it’s based on a wooden platform and cleverly designed steering system with a special high carbon front axis that absorbs road bumps. The advanced steering system allows sharp turns while still handling great speeds.   Not only is it well made, it also looks the business.  It’s not called Urban for no reason, you’ll definitely look the part among other city slickers as you travel with ease.

The mechanism was adapted from the OLAF Business model, which allows you to easily switch from trolley to kick-scooter with just your foot, without any bending. It also has an additional lever for better support when OLAF is in a vertical position or used as a trolley.

As for the bag, it is fully incorporated within the URBAN chassis, and it can be removed instantly, with ease. Olaf really have thought of everything, so hidden wheel cover pockets are added to keep your back clean when worn as backpack. It is put together with durable stitching using the best waterproof materials and additionally upgraded with re‑ective material patches (for night visibility).  The flexible design means you can even attach your own bag (for instance a camera or gym bag), meaning you can tailor and customise the scooter according to your needs.


Our Verdict:  The Urban OLAF is a genius product which any city dweller would find useful.  Above all, for something so practical, it looks GREAT.


·        Instant pedal transformation system from all 4 functionalities,

·        BACKPACK: Ergonomically designed, fully incorporated within the URBAN chassis, and instantly removable backpack; added hidden wheel cover pockets to keep your back clean when worn as backpack,

·        KICK SCOOTER: Wooden deck and flexible curving based steering system,

·        SKATEBOARD: Three large and narrow wheels and high quality bearings,

·        TROLLEY: Long double telescopic handlebar and sturdy chassis, 

·        URBAN PLATFORM: If you are particularly attached to your old backpack/case/purse, you can mount it onto the URBAN platform via a specially developed system,

·        SAFETY: Safe rear wheel brake; large reflective patches guarantee visibility at night,

·        SUSTAINABILITY: The majority of the parts are made by our team or our local partners, from the aluminum welded chassis to the wooden decks made from locally sourced wood.


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