You can take Britain out of Europe, but you don't need to take Europe out of your home! Introducing... Peppermint Products.

Peppermint Products offer contemporary Scandinavian products which are unique, practical, affordable – and brilliant to look at.

Take the Loop Rope.  This ingenious product is designed for small spaces and the quick tidying of your clothes. The steel reinforced loops are height adjustable and hold 20 KG and the rope is available in a good range of bright colours (or white, black and grey) presenting a smart option for those short on space.

Peppermint also offer a range of concrete bowls, which come in various sizes and a number of colours.  They playfully roll back and forth when moved and they’re ideal for an ornament or equally you can use them to drop your keys in.

Peppermint offer all kinds of practical solutions and designer homeware which won’t break the bank but will give your home a modern European/Scandi flavour, without smacking of Ikea.

Also available is a handy bike lift, the funkiest extension leads you’ve ever seen and some very, VERY cool pendant lights.

If you’re after something different, we can’t recommend them enough.  See

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