Percy nobleman beard products - get your chops around this!

Beards!  A decade ago they were only found on leather-clad, hell’s angels types and CAMRA aficionados propping up the one real-ale pub in the village.  How times have changed!  With seemingly perfect correlation, an explosion in hipster ale bars has also seen a boom in beards.  And just like you suddenly realised there was a whole host of hoppy beers that you never knew of, the same is true with the great grooming products that are available to boost your beard.

Percy Nobleman, is a young and entrepreneurial brand crafting the finest natural hair, beard and moustache products. It might seem obvious, but facial hair isn’t quite the same as the hair on your head.  Yet for years men have not had a range of products to properly look after the beard and/or ‘tache.  Not anymore!  Now you can wash, condition and pamper your beard with specially formulated range, including the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Our particular favourite within the range is the beard oil.  This is your secret weapon in keeping your beard in tip top condition.  Percy’s oil is full of natural goodness from Argan, Avocado, Jojoba and Almond Oils that leave your beard feeling softer than ever. The oil is specially developed as conditioner, and used everyday will leave your beard easier to groom, nicely scented and irritation free.

Looking to go the extra mile and really treat yourself?  Percy Nobleman’s organic Beard Wash makes for one clean feeling fuzz. The 100% natural ingredients are formulated to work best alongside Percy's beard oil.

Whether it's for your beard, or the beard of a loved one that you are all too familiar with, the grooming range will be well received.

Percy Nobleman is available on amazon with free delivery over £20. Order the beard oil here.