Preserve your Avacadoes and more with the savior of your kitchen - the Ankomn Vacuum packer!

Vacuum packing - what's not to love?  It preserves your food in an airtight environment so that it lasts longer and flavours remain fresher, ensuring your calçots, cacao nibs, and Monmouth coffee beans stay just the way you like them.  The only drawback being - it's a total ballache involving too much time, machinery and expense for anyone without an OCD to bother...


This is where Ankomn come in: they've removed the barriers to make the vacuum pack a thing that can finally go and preserve avacodoes up and down the country - there's a shortage don't you know.  Ankomn have developed a range of storage products that are beautifully simple and create a vacuum in a matter of clicks.  The Ankomn range has the same versatility as ordinary tupperware so it naturally becomes part of your kitchen and routine.

We know as fitness freaks ourselves that a fresh diet is essential and that's why the Ankomn has become an essential kitchen gadget for us, as it enables us to keep our fresh produce fresher for longer.

To get a better feel for the Ankomn storage container check out their youtube video:


- BPA free

- Food safe

- Impact resistant

- Temperature range -25C to 85C

- Good for 50,000 vacuum uses


Our verdict: If like us, a healthy diet is an essential part of your lifestyle, then this gadget is a must buy to ensure your fresh produce lasts longer. It's the best thing since sliced bread, for sliced bread!