Review: Leicester's The Fish & The Chip Restaurant is a touch of genius

It's fair to say we're real foodies here at Celebritain and our sister site Nothing But Luxury. We've eaten all kinds of food in all kinds of places.

And yet, nothing satisfies our bellies more than fish and chips.   There's just nothing else that delivers the same warm, fuzzy feeling, the same smells and the same satisfaction.  One British restaurant has taken all of those favourite feelings and tastes, multiplied them by I don't know how much and created something truly special.

the fish and the chip main.jpg

Let us introduce you to The Fish & The Chip, an eaterie with a "look and feel" so on trend, it looks like it ought to be a chain (which we mean in a good way).  

The Fish & The Chip obviously offers a traditional fish and chips, but there are also some inspired dishes on the menu. For example, the Jerk Fish & Chips consists of Marinated Cod fillet, gluten free jerk spice infused batter with chunky chips or skinny fries, mushy peas and lemon & garlic aioli.  There's also a Masala spiced Fish and Chips, Masala spiced tilapia, coated in gluten free breadcrumbs, served with chunky chips or skinny fries, mushy peas and a coconut and coriander dip.

the fish and the chip drinks.jpg

Or how about the Half Lobster and Chips? Or the Thai Spiced Fish Pie? Or the Double Decker Fish Burger? You get the gist.  There are so many intriguing creations on the menu that deciding what to order took us ages! Good job we had superb, freshly made cocktails to enjoy whilst we made up our minds.

Everything that leaves the kitchen looks like it should be instagrammed - beautiful plates of food, vibrant colours and magnificent creations.   For such great quality food the prices are fantastic.  On the lunch menu for example, you can enjoy a fish burger for only ¬£5.50.   Or, how good does this sound - Tiger Prawn Brioche - Chilli & garlic marinated tiger prawns in a tikka infused batter with a marie rose dressing, fresh tomato, cucumber and lettuce in a toasted brioche bun.  

the fish and the chip 3.jpg

There's lots to choose from on the menu which is brilliantly laid out in a quirky newspaper format.

The vibe of the restaurant is fun and bright which meant it was a great choice of a place for us to take a couple of young kids to.  (Don't worry, they belong to us).

kids menu.PNG

The kids menu is really fantastic, so much thought has gone into it.  Kids get to choose really fun drinks such as a Mini Unicorn or Pirate Punch and for the mains, classic such as sausage & hips or a Fish Finger Sandwich, but there are also Halloumi Skewers or Pea Fritters. Brilliant! 

Puddings include Ice lollies, Ginger Cake, Biscuits with sweets to decorate or Chocolate Bourbon Cheesecake.

the fish and the chip 4.jpg

Our kids had Fish Goujons (literally the best I have EVER tasted) and sausage and chips (a generous portion meant I got to have some too!) followed by the biscuit (our little boy LOVED decorating his) and a bourbon cheesecake which me and the Mrs managed to demolish. 

The Fish & The Chip has a huge menu to choose from for both kids and adults - everything from fish finger sandwiches to cottage pie, and the relaxed atmosphere and truly excellent service made the whole experience truly special and enjoyable.

the fish and the chip 1.jpg

The restaurant is located in Leicester, a thriving city just an hour and a bit out of London and it really is a gem. Definitely check it out if you can, we cannot wait to return...

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