FEATURE: Your voice could make you a living, and you don't even need the X Factor.

Voiceovers. They feature in so much tv, radio and commercials and yet you never stop to think about them do you? A good voiceover just sounds great and does its job.

Now some of us like the sound of our voices very much, and if that’s the case for you, and others like yours too, then you might actually be on to something. Imagine earning a living just for talking?  Sounds good right? So how does it happen? 

We caught up with up and coming “Voice Over Artist” Ritchie Clark, who has lent his
tones to all kinds of projects including commercials and videos for Adidas, Nike, Spotify and
Krispy Kreme to name but a few. Not bad eh?! Here’s what he told us.

“I’ve produced commercials for radio stations since I was 16 but it wasn’t until my early twenties that I got a taste of recording voiceovers myself. I was used to being on the other side of the mixing desk, directing, editing, manipulating voices into all kinds of sounds but one day my boss said “I’ve got a script you’d be perfect for”. Now I’d probably made 1000s of commercials up to that point and I loved doing it but voicing was a feeling I just couldn’t describe.

It’s a great thrill to hear what someone can do with your voice when you’re not the editor. At the time, there was also a gap in the market for a young, edgy, regional accent and because of my experience, I knew how to direct myself and also the best way to make the script relatable to the audience - so I went for it. 

I have a conversational, natural and emotive style which clients seem to like. I’m just myself. Over the last few years I’ve seen a big change in the industry and what clients look for, and expect from voice talent. As a producer, I got the opportunity to work with a huge range of different voiceovers and that’s where I gained a greater appreciation of the craft and it helped me decide who I wanted to be, and also more importantly, who I didn’t
want to be.

What I enjoy now, is how diverse the work is and there’s so much out there if you know where to look. Nowadays, voicing isn’t your typical 9-5 job, if the scripts are there, I’ll get them done as soon as I can and the client is always grateful if it’s sat in their inbox first thing in the morning

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with clients such as Adidas, Jet2, The Army and even my local and beloved Yorkshire Tea… and the best part is, you never know who could be next”.

So there you have it. If you do want to get a gig using your voice, start reading aloud and practising and then maybe get some demos out there to gather feedback.  You might just be the next voice we hear.  

For more details of Ritchie’s work, visit ritchieclark.co.uk  

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