Sabadi - Extraordinary chocolate infusion's you can't resist.

Easter is over - never want to look at chocolate again? We thought not! But if you're looking for a change, nay, an improvement on your regular indulgence, look no further than Sabadi. 

Using specially selected cocoa from Ecuador - the Nacional Fino de Aroma Arriba - Sabadi produce eight extraordinary chocolate infusions. 

Sabadi uses raw materials that are certified organic and come from fair trade producers under the Slow Food Foundation - ensuring respect for small indigenous communities, the environment and biodiversity.

The chocolate is traditionally made following the age-old Modica cold working recipe. Throughout the process the temperature never exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. This allows all the cocoa's unique aromatic notes and beneficial properties to be fully preserved. 

Our verdict: Sabadi - badass chocolate! We LOVE it! Buy via 

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