Serious about looking and feeling good whilst being active? Teamm8 is for you.

We've all been there. You're playing a sport or doing some exercise and your clothing just isn't suitable. We're certainly guilty of just throwing on any old t-shirt and pair of shorts and then we're first to moan when things start rubbing, pulling or just getting in our way.

Teamm8 Activewear is designed to look and feel good whilst you get physical and it puts all of those problems to bed.

teamm8 underwear

Their underwear is crafted from a quick-dry, stretch fabrication to ensure you can sweat it out and ensure everything remains in shape - and comfortable.

teamm8 swim shorts

If you're serious about swimming, then Teamm8's swimwear range enables free movement, with it's slightly shorter cut.  Both briefs and shorts are available, and here's what the shorts have to offer:

  • Full elastic waist with tie-cord and metal tip
  • Teamm8’s signature side eyelet feature on the waistband
  • Quick dry polyester
  • Inner pant lining
  • 2 side pockets
  • Upper thigh length
  • Slim fit

Teamm8 triumph with their range of Activewear.  Vests, Cycling shorts, t-shirts, hoodies and accessories are all available. 

Our Verdict: It's not easy to find activewear that looks designer but Teamm8 produce a brilliant looking range which is also completely practical.  Check out