Siren Craft Brew - Beer o'clock is calling!

iren Craft Brew like to do things a little differently.  They were formed in 2012 with an approach to bring flavour to beer that would set them apart.  They created five core beers: Undercurrent, Soundwave, Liquid Mistress, Broken Dream and Calypso.  These beers include, amongst other flavours, chocolate, grapefruit, burnt raisins and crackers. 

Did they take it too far?  Not at all, in fact they have received much acclaim  from RateBeer including awards in the ‘Best New Brewery In The World’, ‘Best Brewery in the UK’ and ‘Top 100 Brewers in the World’ categories. Along with a five core beers, the brewery makes seasonal IPAs and special releases, encompassing beers, ales, IPAs and stouts.

Not only that, they like to take-over a pub every now and then so you can get all these lovely flavours on tap.  To see all the flavours on offer and which beer festival they are appearing at next check out their website: 

Our verdict: always alluring