Sisley Paris skincare products for men will make you look and feel great.

Founded in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano, Sisley is a French company specialising in the manufacture of innovative, and exceptionally high-quality cosmetic products. Today it is marketed in over 90 countries and employs several thousand people. In three decades, Sisley has become one of the world’s leading cosmetic brands. 

Sisley’s know-how is in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, in other words it uses natural plant extracts and essential oils in skincare products, to guarantee immediately visible results on the skin. 

When Hubert d’Ornano founded Sisley in 1976, the use of botanical active ingredients and essential oils in cosmetics was still a highly innovative concept. 

Sisley creates the highest quality products by selecting only the best plant species in each category, carefully determining the most effective part of each plant for the desired treatment, choosing the country or region that produces the best quality plant and harvesting when its active ingredients will be most effective. 

The scientific extraction methods employed by Sisley allow it to optimise the concentration of each active ingredient. The dosage and synergy of these extracts is the secret to the exceptionally effective performance of Sisley skincare products.

All its formulas are subject to allergy and tolerance testing in independent laboratories to ensure they are completely innocuous. The efficacy of every product has been proven by tests carried out in an independent institute for clinical assessment approved by the Ministry of Health. 

This perfectionism has enabled Sisley to become one of the most prestigious and fastest growing cosmetic brands in existence today.  Visit

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